It is with pride and joy that we announce our excellent results at the Selections Event with 4 out of 5 Team TAYA athletes successfully winning their divisions and earning their position in the Australian National Team for the Junior and Cadet World Championships to be held in Sofia, Bulgaria from July 28 to August 7, 2022. The Selection Event was held last 4 June 2022 at Whitlam Leisure Centre. Team TAYA ranked 3rd overall in Australia and 1st in NSW with the most number of Athletes securing spots in the AUS National Team. 

Congratulations and well done to our Team TAYA Athletes:

Sofia Querubin - Junior <49kg GOLD, AUS NATIONAL TEAM MEMBER

Chelsea Gomez - Cadet <41 kg GOLD, AUS NATIONAL TEAM MEMBER

Atharva Pansare - Cadet <53 kg GOLD, AUS NATIONAL TEAM MEMBER 

Diego Querubin - Cadet <33 kg GOLD, AUS NATIONAL TEAM MEMBER

Evangeline De Guzman - Cadet <55kg, BRONZE

Sofia, Chelsea, Atharva and Diego will be travelling to Chuncheon, Korea to compete at the Korean Open on June 27 to July 5, 2022 as part of their preparations for the World Championships. Sofia, Chelsea and Atharva are members of the Performance Pathway Program (PPP) NSW Squad and will be joining selected PPP athletes at the Korean Open.

We wish them well in their preparations and travels to Korea and Bulgaria.

These fantastic outcomes have been achieved with the athletes' hard work, commitment to excellence and perseverance in pursuit of their dreams to represent their country at the World Championships! We also want to acknowledge our coaches Ms Taya, Sir Ed and Miss Abby for their dedication and passion to bring the best performance from the athletes and the support and encouragement of the parents and their families. Well done Team TAYA!!! 



It’s great to be back at the Gold Coast after two years!!!
Team TAYA had a fantastic weekend at the Gold Coast Open with 32 medals from our 20 athletes, tally as follows:
17 Golds
9 Silvers
6 Bronzes
Well done Team TAYA!!!

Notable performances from our gold medallists specially our double gold medallists who won their primary and secondary divisions - Sofia Querubin, Chelsea Gomez, Ethan De Guzman.

Thank you to our coaches for all your guidance and dedication, to our athletes for your perseverance and hard work, our black belts for your assistance and support and our parents for all the cheers and encouragement.

5-6 FEBRUARY 2022
Team TAYA enjoyed an exciting weekend with return to competition after nearly a year off due to Covid with fantastic results from our 10 athletes:
3 Golds - Chelsea Gomez, Atharva Pansare, Jade Macgowan
5 Silvers - Diego Querubin, Ethan De Guzman, Jade Macgowan (2nd division) Lachlan Macgowan, Shirin Kattukaran
2 Bronzes - Sofia Querubin, Evangeline De Guzman
We are so proud that both Chelsea and Atharva were awarded the Best Female and Male Cadet Fighter of the Day!!! What a wonderful recognition!
Congratulations also to Atharva for being invited in front of the team to be part of the Performance Pathway Program NSW Fighting Futures Squad and will be joining Team TAYA Athletes Sofia and Chelsea already in the NSW Squad! Thank you to the PPP Lead Ali Khalil for this opportunity and for organising a well-run tournament.
What a day it turned out to be!!!
All these results provides us inspiration to work and strive harder for what will be a busy exciting year!!!
Thank you to our dedicated coaches Ms Natalia, Sir Ed, Miss Abby, senior athletes Aaditya and Ysabella and parents for your support and encouragement!!!
Well done Team TAYA!!!
1-2 APRIL 2022
Team TAYA attended the Australian National Championships in Brisbane after two years of Covid cancellation/postponement.
We are very proud and happy of our athletes’ performances and shows a good start for what’s to come this year 2022.
Team results from our 13 athletes - 3 Golds, 4 Silvers, 4 Bronzes.
Thank you to our Coaches for your passion and dedication to bring the best from the athletes and the parents for your support and encouragement.
We all had a wonderful time at the Nationals and enjoyed the team celebrations.
Next stop, the Gold Coast Open with most of the team joining in.
It was also great to catch up with our friends from various states and Australian taekwondo community.
Gold Medalist National Champion Chelsea Gomez not in team photo

Online classes via the Zoom Platform are being held as per our regular schedules until the Covid Lockdown is lifted and we return to physical classes.  Logon details have been emailed to all our current members.               

We closely monitor the daily updates from the NSW Government and will advise of any developments.

It is very important for our health and wellbeing to maintain fitness, be active, eat nutritious meals, keep motivated, focused, committed and positive during this Covid Lockdown period. It is highly recommended to connect and engage with our families, friends, work colleagues, school community, sports teams, social groups on social media, email or telephone communications.

We thank our members for your patience, understanding, support and encouragement during this difficult time.

See you all in our zoom classes in the safety of our homes.

Get your families to join in, be active and have fun.