Grading tests are conducted four times a year allowing members to be formally tested for their knowledge of the different curriculum for their specific belt levels. Passing the Grading test will enable the members to progress to the next level. Within each belt category, a stripe represent another level achieved. Probationary levels from white, yellow, blue, red to black tip may be made available to some members before they progress to the next level or belt category if required to assist with further training and development.

Black Belts then continue on to 4th Dan to 10th Dan being the highest level as a Master in Taekwondo


Refer to the Calendar of Events for the Grading Schedule.

Prior to each Grading, members will be advised if they are eligible for Grading and will be provided a Grading Form and the Fee Payment Envelope. The Grading Form and Grading Fee payment is to be submitted in the envelope provided to the Head Instructor before the grading day. Members are required to wear their full Taekwondo uniform (dobok) and belt (dee) during Grading. Protective equipment should be worn for sparring. Taekwondo shoes are recommended to be worn.

A Certificate of Achievement will be awarded to members a few days after each Grading.